Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

What deck calls in any moment?  The one in the glove compartment?  The deck on the table by the garage door?  The deck under my pillow?  Any of the decks so nicely arranged on the tarot bookshelf?  The new, open deck splayed out on a collection of gemstones?

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck often speaks from the remarkable artwork, calling me when I least expect it. This morning as I settle with a cup of honeyed chai with soy milk, the Wisdom of Avalon deck squawked at me.  Well, the raven card was face up keeping a shiny eye on my meandering.  The raven says I have a message.

I clack the deck three times on the dining table, fan out the cards.  My left hand floats over the deck until a card selects me.  The Spider (not my favorite image, though I resonate with its metaphor.)  I immediately ask for a back up card.  Letting Go.

From the Spider:  Creative projects
   The question:  How can I create a better, more productive and loving experience for myself and others?
   " are always co-creating with the Divine.  You are the architect of your own happiness and fulfilment."  (Sounds like an Al-Anon meeting.)

From Letting Go:
Releasing attachments, expectations and desires yet are required to relinquish control and allow the Mystery to act as she will to weave life together..."

A grand beginning to the weekend.  Blessings all!

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