Saturday, November 19, 2011

Which deck???

Are you attached to an old deck or do you jump around higgeldy-piggeldy like me (Sun in the 3rd House) from a Celtic deck to the Zen Tarot?

I just reviewed an old 1971 Rider Waite / thank you very much Pamela Colman Smith (who still doesn't get enough credit for outstanding artwork) and compared it to the Gaian Tarot, concepts and art by Joanna Powell Colbert, published 2011.

In the newest deck I feel the recent downloads, the elevation of energy on the planet, the wisdom as we ride the waves into 2012.  In the older deck, I see the history of tarrochi and the cultural overlay of the times.

Nothing is good or bad.  There is a place for both.  By viewing several decks at the same time, I get the broadest perception of the archetypes.

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