Sunday, August 4, 2013


This striped beauty may appear common but its attributes are anything but common.


(Photo credit:  Hall of Minerals)

Turn to the Stone People to help many life situations.  Malachite is considered beneficial to enhance the immune system, to reduce the stress of arthritis, to assist in reducing tumors, to alleviate torn muscles, to strengthen and repair broken bones.

Also look to Malachite for toothache (place externally.  Use polished stones.  Malachite dust is considered toxic.)

Gum infections and sinus blockages are also helped by Malachite.

Look to Malachite for emotional stability, to resist emotional abuse and blackmail and encourage healthy relationships based on self respect and self love not need.

Chakra:  Heart

Malachite can help daily living by neutralizing some of the effects of modern life:  place a tumbled Malachite near the microwave or TV.  Place a stone on or near your computer.  It also reduces the effects of fluorescent lighting and harmful rays of technological equipment.

Tuck a thumb stone in your pocket when traveling if you have fear of flying.  "What's in your pocket?" a TSA agent will ask me.  "Oh, I forgot," and I hand over a collection of stones.  I'll remember Malachite on my next flight.  Usually I call in Archangel Michael. Archangel Raphael is also a good traveling companion.

Malacite invites you to let go of the past and move forward toward your intention.

This emerald/grass green striped helper is associated with Viking goddess Freyja.

Depressed?  Hold onto a Malachite palmstone as you work through the source of depression and find a way to release it.

Whisper your darkest fears to Malachite and let the stone transmute them to the trees, to the Moon, dissolved to your greatest and highest good.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Do You Pick Up Your Tarot Deck?

The sun is bright above and you're heading out for your favorite beach.  Do you take a tarot deck with you?
Perhaps tuck it in your suitcase?  Or if you're driving, do you have a back-up deck in your glove compartment?

Do you think of the cards when everything is Pollyanna bright and life is good?  Or do you only wonder how you can get out of this dilemma and that's the moment you think about your tarot deck(s)?

What card did you draw?

One friend draws a single card each morning and meditates on it, writes down the images and uses this process to understand her day better.

If you're a fair weather friend to tarot, that's fine.  However, if you use the cards daily, the images will assist you more readily when you are in crisis.

For today, I send you bright blessings of Lughnassadh!