Sunday, January 6, 2013


Strength also called Fortitude

A collage of images fold into a kaleidoscopic overview of various decks:

Swiftness, energy expanding, open, kind, firm, oneness  act with the universe with clarity; reading the field, moving quickly on a moment's notice, spontaneous

Mindful between extremes of reality; four directions, internal/external; ingest my fear, my beast, everything I judge is mine to own

An angel, infinity always is with me, a halo: the crown chakra;  down to the spinal chakra; embrace the lion within; palm on third eye; eye the Sun, source of strength; strength is the source

Head held high; enchanted, power of instinct; unity, infinite, tao of wholesomeness, well of feminine mystery

Crystal vision, majestic, paw swipe to protect; serenity; flow like an eagle

Jupiter conjunct Lilith, our beast; the feminine we have not owned; Strength is Lilith in the darkness

Tame the wild boar; as Ariel, the protectress of wild things

This word collage comes from the Wisdom Women
of Rotarota: Tea & Tarot


  1. As the Strength card is my life path card, I have named her Ariel (who just happens to be my guardian angel.) Archanglel Ariel's name means "lioness of God" and predictably, is associated with lions. Archangel Ariel also oversees the sprites, the nature angels associated with water. Sprites are similar to fairies, and their purpose is to maintain healthy environments near oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.

    Archangel Ariel is very involved with healing and protecting nature, especially the wild ones. She helps with qualities of bravery, courage & focus. She also is known as a Master Manifestor. Ariel came to me long after I discovered the Strength card was my life path - but she certainly does seem to represent the card's meaning! ~Chrystal

  2. My Soul Card is #8 STRENGTH. I love adding Ariel as an energetic understanding of this card on the Fool's journey. Thank you, Chrystal Lynne!!!