Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where is Your Lion?

Where Do You Turn?

   When you're feeling weak and silly, incompetent and lost, exhausted and annoyed, where do you turn?

My tarot deck was tucked into the bottom of my suitcase in the overhead bin.  Beyond access.  Babies were crying.  The bathrooms were full. The man across the aisle from me pulled gloves out of his pocket and spit a wad of chew into them.  I could still smell the chemical they used on the wings to de-ice them.  That's why I was an hour late to Dallas and missed my flight.

My angels were taking a nap.  A gang of faeries was laughing at the human condition.  My battery died on my tablet at a very intense part of the book I was reading and I was 30,000 feet above Mother Earth, not where any self respecting Capricorn wants to be.  I couldn't think of a single Al-Anon slogan.

So where does comfort come from?  Where was my mind?  Obviously drenched in an array of discontent.  I wanted to get up and offer to hold the baby but it didn't seem likely.  I sent Reiki energy and asked what I could do for myself.

That's when Strength walked down the aisle, peaceful with that little twisted halo over her head and Lion in her eyes.  I smiled.  Smile muscles always bring relief.  Yes.  Strength was on the plane with me, up in the air where everything was up in the air.  Lion passed the sleeping rag doll cat in a kennel under the seat and came right to me.  In Lion eyes with Lion breath, I communed with the great balance of the divine feminine and the essence of wild on the verge, steady, confident and ready for whatever happened.

I put on my sunglasses, pulled my hat down and took a cat nap.

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