Friday, January 20, 2012


No doubt you have read and listened to Caroline Myss for as long as I have. Always I take away a treasure that sustains for life perspectives. When she came out with a deck of archetype cards I made a note. And promptly forgot about it. Finally it made it to my Amazon wish list.

Before Joseph Campbell even, I have been called to look at archetypes and find some kind of relief and higher perspective from their patterns. At last, I have Caroline Myss's deck.

Each card shows the Light Attribute and the Shadow Attribute with beautiful artwork. Example: ALCHEMIST
Light Attribute: Transformation of base motives and goals into golden wisdom
Shadow Attribute: Misuse of the power and knowledge that come through spiritual practice

I would like more detail than the little red book that accompanies this deck supplies.  Archetypes are endless it seems but give us an opportunity to explore all aspects of our human expression in a higher light.

In examining our Sacred Contract, Myss says there are 12 archetypes on our personal support team.  We all share four:
Five Aspects of the Child:  Wounded Child,  Magical Child, Divine Child, Eternal Child, Nature Child



While the attributes of each archetype may indicate a negative or positive response, they remain essentially neutral and may serve as trusted allies and guardians.  

I have never consider "Prince" as an archetype and am just now examining the attributes as an overlay of my life path.

These cards will serve a lifetime of self examination and they are an excellent supplement to your favorite tarot deck.

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