Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 You sit at your kitchen table with a circle of women.  Each one has a deck--or two--or more.  And you cannot help yourself.  You covet.  You share your decks as they share and oh, you do want that one, oh, and look, there at that Fool.  You simply must ...

That's how the Llewellyn Tarot deck got on my Must-Have List.  And now I do.  I go through the deck, peering at each card with recognition and surprise and delight.  A new deck brings new insights.  You cannot stay complacently thinking you know what each card will say.  They call out to you in new ways, give you hints you had not considered.

How do you get to know a new deck?  I usually sleep with it.  Haul it around with me at the bottom of my bag, pull it out and show it to friends.  I talk to it.  It talks to me.  We become friends.

I tried to order from Llewellyn, the publishers of this deck but the site would not allow me to order.  And I was in that must-have mode and impatient to go downtown to one of several metaphysical stores.  I ordered from Amazon and it arrived quickly.  Good luck with your next choice and getting to know a new friend.

Of course, there are women at the table who work exclusively with one deck.  They really know that old friend.  I wonder and wait to see what new friendship might lure them.  The possibilities are endless.

Sweet dreams, Deck Lovers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rachael Pollack

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