Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tarot Alert

Do you have a favorite deck?  What?  You've used one deck for 24 years?  Battered corners, eh?  Well, quick, while there's still time.  The Gaian Tarot deck published by Llewellyn is going out of print.  Very few copies remain.

I had the pleasure of hearing Joanna Powell Colbert talk about her deck on Friday night (7.12.13) at the Stone Moon in Bellingham, Washington.  Joanna's deep understanding of tarot combined with her detailed artwork present new images for a current realtiy.  (How many pages and knights do you know?  Don't count those friends in  the Society for Creative Anachronisms.)

Joanna Powell Colbert presents the Gaian Tarot at the Stone Moon.

Quick.  Call your local metaphysical book store and get a copy while they're still available.  This is a deck that is bound to resurface in the future.  Better to have a copy now.  The questions alone that the cards ask are insightful and encourage the reader to pursue the answer rather than reading a standard interpretation.

What card are you sleeping with tonight?