Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come, My Merry Makers....

78 leaves fall from the maple.  The curious and wise gather.  Decks pop open.  Wisdom tinkles tea cups.  Once again the wisdom of the Tarot gathers us into a circle to share.

The Fool stands playful, jaunty and two white papillions nip at  heels.  Leap.  Fly.  Reach out into the void.  The Now is in the current step.  What is your journey?  I forget I am in my Lovers year.  Yes, yes, of course.  Heirophant cycle.

To figure your growth year:
  Birth month:  ____
+  Birth day:     ____
=                       Total
+                       2011
Growth Year:

The Fool (0)  is your journey, the soul essence of forward stepping, and will not show up as a growth year.
The Magician (1) holds all the tools of transformation and will not show up as a growth year.

Your Total + the current year should not exceed 21.
22 will always be reduced to = 4 (The Emperor)
28 will = 10 (Wheel of Fortune) and will not be reduced more.

Next month we will look at  growth cycles and patterns of evolution.

(Thanks to Mary Kaye Greer, Angeles Arrien and Rachael Pollack.)

Bright blessings on the shiney autumn day.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Gathering of Fools

The call of the cards, 78 archetypes of wisdom.  Tracy and I have yearned to do a study group and finally as the chaos winds of autumn settle, the reality begins.  Today we hovered over first decks, favorite decks, coveted decks and allowed the Fool to guide us.  No absolutes.  With gratitudes to Rachel Pollack, Angeles Arrien, Mary Kaye Greer and James Ricklef (Fool above), we launched into the current of the cards with great joy and expanded understanding.

Friday, September 23, 2011

labyrinth on equinox

roadside blackberries stain my lips
dogs and i step forward, back, turning
south, east, north west and round again

cross quarter sun shoots hot beams
light shimmers into my squint
the circle of the year turns
walk away from ego, merge with soul
breathe the chi of now

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lightworkers As Light Anchors

As we in the Northern Hemisphere enter our Fall Equinoctial gateway this weekend, we're also entering the end of time: the Ninth (and final) Wave of the Mayan Calendar concludes on October 28, 2011, according to Mayan scholar Carl Calleman's research. Then what?

Equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length, are all about balance. This one is also about deep integration, beauty, and yes, despite outer appearances, peace. One of the best ways to bring more of these attributes into your life now is to see yourself as an anchor of light, itself an oxymoron. Yet this is the moment when all paradoxes coalesce into perfect sense.

Cosmic weather reporter, Irma Kay Sawyer, Irma Kaye Sawyer introduces the designation, Light Anchor: someone who is "grounded, yet familiar with travel in 4/5D states, either to share energy (as a healer), information, or both. Light Anchors usually have Sun in an Earth Sign, and/or predominant earth planets, but this is not always the case. Their job through the Shift is to 'hold down the fort' (they like that term!) and create a safe space for people to awaken to their own light resources. Most of our spiritual visions are seen in our meditation time. Many Light Anchors are Adult Indigos (1st and 2nd wave) and also 'Wizards' who are in their late 60s all the way to their 80s now. Light Anchors often work with words to convey their messages and can serve as teachers, writers and channels."

In nautical terminology, a light anchor, or kedge, is used to help turn a ship around. The flip side, an anchor light, indicates a vessel is stationary; not under power. And while it's gratifying to anchor the light, right now many of us seem keen to sing, "Anchors Away!"

So yes, balance is key, along with acute creativity. A very early name for my work, before Live Your Light, was Metamorphosis: The Center for Creative Change. Astrologer Allison Rae offers a potent look at creative changereative change this Equinox weekend, in the form of 100,000 Poets for Change, who are creating social artistry via global public readings, demonstrations, concerts and vigils.

We each have the choice and opportunity now to become social (r)evolutionaries: light anchors for an emerging world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sudden Valley Tai Chi 2011

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PERSIAN COATS ARE BACK the October 2011 issue of Vogue.  my great aunt had one, circa 1940.  After I inherited it, the soft, velvety black coat lay rumpled in the corner of the bedroom, the perfect kneading spot for my black cat.

I couldn't wear it.  After all, it was the '60s and the first wave of animal consciousness (or maybe the second) washed over me.  It was wavy and elegant with her initials embroidered on the interior pocket.  And I didn't really know what Persian lamb was.  I'd just become a vegetarian, so whatever it was wasn't on the menu.

Persian Lamb is a euphemism for Karakul, an ancient breed of sheep, the kind you see in Bibical art with long fat tails.  

To preserve the quality of uterine purity and not damage the fibers with the wild chemicals of the birth canal, a cesarean is performed.  I've heard tails of old ewes, the slash scars still across their bellies.

A Karakul birthcoat is like a surprise party.  Colors can range from inky black to a riotous red pinto.  And always the distinctive tight wave glistening against the lambs body.

In this style update, I must say I still will not wear one.  But know what you're wearing and that great  effort is offered from the Animal Kingdom to bring us something new ... or in this case, retro.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

peace on the winds of chaos

Do you feel it?  The shimmer of the breeze?  The sigh of the waning moon.  The harvest of Equinox.

The Abyssinian red banana is now in the kitchen and the swirl of chaos unfurled like Mary Poppins on a mission.  A room re-designed by the placement of towering banana and the first fire of autumn.

Ride the wind and breathe in chi.  Life changes.  All is well. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

the left hand is of the moon
considered historically sinister
scooping down into the rubble of the psyche

now the left hand stretches
across the keyboard
catches tidbits to hang on 

a quarter moon
sun slices cedars
the left hand is of the moon
historically considered dark, sinister
opening to the psyche
gathering rubble from the unknown

now the left reaches, stretchs 
across the keyboard

breathe the new moon
until it is too bright
and you must exhale