Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Do You Chose a Tarot Deck?

The Wheel is Spinning

 What draws you to a deck?


Do you read the interpretations first?

Or is it the artwork you find irresistible?

Both the words and the art pull me.

But I start with the visual image.

I look at friend's decks.
 I look on line and sometimes 
don't even know what deck I see.

It used to be possible to go into a 
metaphysical store and look at every card
in a deck.

They'd have sample decks.  I haven't
seen that in years.

 It was a pricey investmennt for
a book store.

Some places now keep their
decks locked in glass cases.

The cards tell us
that things change.

I am content with the decks I use.

But quickly I can 
fall into covet mode
and yearn for a new deck.

Do you have one card you always
look at in a new deck?

I look at my personality card:
The Star.

And I look at
the Ten of Swords.

Have fun discovering
your first deck 
or your twenty first deck!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Your Birthday and the Tarot

Unveiling the Arcana

Wind blows steady, jumping over lacy ocean waves.  Rain drops fall slow and dot the sand like a dappled leopard.  Cold sand slips in and out of my gold sandals.
            “”Hey, Ma, you like to make friends,” one of my children says and points to people gathered around a roaring fire at dusk.
            “Sure,” I say, “I’ll just go say ‘hi’, introduce myself and ask ‘what's your birthday?’”
            My children laugh.  They know me.  They’ve seen me do this before.  But not tonight.  We stash driftwood for a fire later when we come back to check on high tide.
            The question lingers.  Tell me your birthday, I’ll tell you patterns that likely apply to your current reality.  Everyone wants to know more about her/himself.  So, it is an easy way to make new friends.  It is only a suggestion, a possibility of what might be going on beneath the surface of your life.

            You add the month and day together.
            Example for March 7th:

            Then you add the current year:


                     2023 = 7  The Chariot

            Voila, a peek into a life pattern, a part of the Constellation of The Chariot, offering personality unfoldment. 

            We walk up the path to the cottage as the glowing disk of sun dives into Neptune’s lair.  I scrounge around the bottom of my suitcase and find one of my travel tarot decks:
            Secret Tarot:  Tarot secreto by Lo Scarabeo.

            With Summer Solstice in sight, I can only think of The Sun, XIX, a rather non-traditional image in this deck.  A brilliant sun fills the upper half of the card, two young boys, naked and contemplating (actually, it seems that one has a cell phone.  I don’t have my magnifying glass to see what is being studied.)  There is a flair of Gemini in this card, a reminiscence of The Lovers, and a hint of duality that takes us through the Major Arcana.
            Two aspects of The Fool coming through the vicissitudes of the previous cards.  There is an innocence and clarity here, as the promise of nature reveals itself in the full sunshine.  It is here that The Fool sparkles in the brilliance of The Sun and senses the connection with all things, where the outcome is clear and joy is a reality.
            As Summer rides in on a horse and wanders in the garden, celebrate your Fool.  Share your tarot with someone new.  You might be surprised at who’s very interested but didn’t know who to ask.  Tarot is out of the closet.  There are more decks than we can imagine.  Find one that suits how you’re feeling now.
            A thousand bright and joyful summer blessings to you!!!

C.J. Prince received a call from the mermaids who tend the waters at Haystack Rock.  Back in Bellingham, Washington, she considers another deck to study the dance of the pearl moon and the 78 archetypes to freedom.

Catching My Breath, by co-author C.J. Prince is available at The Stone Moon, Village Books and Amazon.   One of the main characters receives a tarot reading. 

Reprinted from The Stone Moon newsletter.