Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Do You Chose a Tarot Deck?

The Wheel is Spinning

 What draws you to a deck?


Do you read the interpretations first?

Or is it the artwork you find irresistible?

Both the words and the art pull me.

But I start with the visual image.

I look at friend's decks.
 I look on line and sometimes 
don't even know what deck I see.

It used to be possible to go into a 
metaphysical store and look at every card
in a deck.

They'd have sample decks.  I haven't
seen that in years.

 It was a pricey investmennt for
a book store.

Some places now keep their
decks locked in glass cases.

The cards tell us
that things change.

I am content with the decks I use.

But quickly I can 
fall into covet mode
and yearn for a new deck.

Do you have one card you always
look at in a new deck?

I look at my personality card:
The Star.

And I look at
the Ten of Swords.

Have fun discovering
your first deck 
or your twenty first deck!

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