Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tarot of Pagan Cats

One might think all cats are pagan at heart.

If you haven't seen this fabulous deck, check it out.  (Amazon has it.)

Three cards fell out of the deck, wishing acknowledgement here:

Knight of Swords:  A beautiful, light bellied tabby rides a great white owl who carries a sword.  Freya glitters in that blue sky.  communication with the creatures of earth and sky, she acts with determination, expanding ideas, knowing many systems of perception.  Stealth is her way.

Four of Chalices:  Did James model for this card?  A striped tailed cat with white markings lounges on the riverbank.  Turtle rises out of water, carrying a chalice.  Three chalices, also upright, rest in the grass.  The tiny book accompanying this deck says only "dissatisfaction with reality."  One wonders which reality.  Cat rests, but even in repose, eyes are half slit open, missing nothing.  Turtle, patient, of land and sea, is reminiscent of The Star.  (But I am a Star lifepath and see her everywhere.)  Blossoms are abundant in the tree above.  Four, under the overlay of the Emperor, is very stable.  Perhaps in stability, ennui stirs.  There is also abundance and contentment.  it is all in the point of view.

King of Chalices:  An elegant white cat floats atop a cube with fish designs (think Pisces let loose), curling, peaceful waves.  A ship sails in the background.  A large chalice to the right.  In the connection of air and water, this feline hold authority and grace and knows the higher level of emotions, art, creativity and relationships.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blue and green and Chi

Birds twitter, water ripples, clouds snuggle down into the mountain above the lake.  Tai Chi class outside with a wonderful Qi Kong series of Shamanic Tiger. 

Devin and I walk at Whatcom Falls.  The beauty of the day insists on magic.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wolf in the nuclear universe

So, there you are with a forty nine ton camera inches from your chest and nuclear product dashing through your veins.  What do you do?

Shun fear and claustrophia.  Call in your Unseen Helpers.  Who's out there?  Who will assist you now?  You have Nuumite tucked under your atlas and asked for music.  Enya blares through the medical setting, almost drowning out the dull groan of the camera as it rotates around your body.  Keep your eyes closed.   Do not move  a muscle.  Do not speak.  We'll leave you alone.  No.  Wolf voice.  Someone is in attendance but you do not see her.

Wolf comes in his fiercest form.  You haven't shapeshifted for a long time.  You are no longer the crone, chilled to the bone.  You are wolf, paws lounging above your head, resting in front of a fire. 

Later a large Maine Coon cat sits on your belly for the second picture taking.  No smiles required.   And inbetween, they ask you to run for your life.  You are wired, white monitors dragging from your body, a blood pressure monitor on your other arm.  The wolf is gone and you grasp at the golden thread tethered to your crown chakra as they crank the machine and tell you that you are not running.

"It's almost over," a voice says after the second picture session.  But no voice tells you it is over.  You wait.  The energy has shifted.  You open your eyes.  The monster camera is back on its gigantic pedestal.  Still the command of 'do-not-move' rings in your ears.  You roll your eyes to the right.  No one is there.  "Am I done?" You call out.  And you are.

A hungry wolf, you escape, find food and water.  Results pending.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Card of the evening...

Seven of Stones
The Wild Wood Tarot

Green Woman shimmers, channels healing energy, invites the physical and emotional body a time of inner peace, resting and rejuvenating.  Wholeness and recovery await.

Healing and closure result with acceptance and self forgiveness.

Full Moon over Seattle

The stalls are empty.  The streets slooshed down.  Fish smell lingers.  We wonder among the ghosts of the day to Michael's favorite restaurant, Maximillian's.   We sit outside under an umbrella and watch a sliver of red dissolve into dark clouds over the Olympic Peninsula.  Pikes Place Market after hours.

Long conversations interrupted by good French food.  Call me Dusty Plasma.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chicken Track Jasper

We had eight hens, black austrolorps, buff orpingtons, rhode island reds.  After rain pelted the plains, the girls would go out for a twilight stroll.  The uppidy/downy impressions in mud were random markings I never managed to catch in a tight shot.

Today I went to my neighbor Ruth's and she grinned with delight when she told me about gathering rocks last weekend.  Had I ever seen Chicken Track Jasper?  I'd never heard of it, let alone seen it.

Chicken Track Jasper is mined nearby on the Oregon/Nevada border and is a form of picture jasper.

Discovered in a dry lake bed, its rough outer appearance would be little to crow over and probably bypassed by many. However, as all the treasures of Mother Earth, when cut and polished a remarkably beauty is revealed.  

Chicken Track Picture Jasper is noted for its distinct mountain and desert scenery with blue sky and brown mountains.  

Metaphysical properties include:  stimulates brotherhood; invites protection from danger; for travelers, energy level is enhanced and negativity repelled.  It reduces stress, boosts energy and is grounding.

Ruth gave me a splendid piece of Chicken Track Jasper, the sun setting behind pined mountains, river flowing forward into my palm.  Thank you, Ruth!

(Thanks to internet for photos.)

Up and Down and

Mercury Rx sucks a bit of energy

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Above the cedar tops, sun faeries

Ripe as a blue berry, the sun comes teasing a promise of warmth.  A fabulous week even though my physical body was amiss.  Residual pain from a fall at least 3 weeks ago.  Plus something viral, Paula said.  Playtime with Paula and Derek visiting.  Whatcom Falls pounding waters, sound unceasing, capture everyone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mercury Retrograde: August 2~August 26, 2011

Welcome to our old friend Mercury, dancing backward as he appears in his triple appearance each year, a little square dance to still the humans in their mad dash to nowhere.

Oh, no, some will say.  Really? ponder others.  Many will shrug and eschew the information.

My notations:  notice all the "re" words:  re-evaluate, repair, return, reabsorb, retract, remember, realize, reap, reason, reassure, rebirth, rebound, rebuild, recall, recant, recap, recede, recast, receive, recess, recharge, reciprocate, rescind, reckon, reclaim, recognize, recollect, recommend, recompose, reconcile, recondition, record, recount, recover, recreate, reconnect, rectify, recuperate, redirect, reduce, re-emphasize, reflect, refer, refine, reflect, refresh, refrain, refuse...

And so on and so forth as you can think of words that allow you ponder.  I especially like:  rebel, reach, and return.  Be real.  Read.