Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tarot of Pagan Cats

One might think all cats are pagan at heart.

If you haven't seen this fabulous deck, check it out.  (Amazon has it.)

Three cards fell out of the deck, wishing acknowledgement here:

Knight of Swords:  A beautiful, light bellied tabby rides a great white owl who carries a sword.  Freya glitters in that blue sky.  communication with the creatures of earth and sky, she acts with determination, expanding ideas, knowing many systems of perception.  Stealth is her way.

Four of Chalices:  Did James model for this card?  A striped tailed cat with white markings lounges on the riverbank.  Turtle rises out of water, carrying a chalice.  Three chalices, also upright, rest in the grass.  The tiny book accompanying this deck says only "dissatisfaction with reality."  One wonders which reality.  Cat rests, but even in repose, eyes are half slit open, missing nothing.  Turtle, patient, of land and sea, is reminiscent of The Star.  (But I am a Star lifepath and see her everywhere.)  Blossoms are abundant in the tree above.  Four, under the overlay of the Emperor, is very stable.  Perhaps in stability, ennui stirs.  There is also abundance and contentment.  it is all in the point of view.

King of Chalices:  An elegant white cat floats atop a cube with fish designs (think Pisces let loose), curling, peaceful waves.  A ship sails in the background.  A large chalice to the right.  In the connection of air and water, this feline hold authority and grace and knows the higher level of emotions, art, creativity and relationships.

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