Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Bites

The sun sank below Orcas Island and Bellingham slid into darkness just as I slid on ice.  A very steep hill, narrow road, rock wall on one side, drop off on the other.   Of course I could pass the vehicle spun out.  Steady on.  An illusion.  The car would go no further.  The tires squealed against ice. 

Many cars drove up and ignored my emergency lights blinking and backed down.  I was in the middle of the road and cars coming in the opposite direction drove forward like I had a choice of position.

I called SV Security who called the county sheriff and 911.  I called AAA.  Two hours plus wait time for any assistance.  Security officer closed the hill by setting out orange cones and went for a battery pack.  My battery was dead...with window open.  I felt very vulnerable sitting in the dark without lights and waiting.

I know I have many Unseen Helpers and I asked who could help me.  Nefertiti came, her elegant long neck extended, her Egyptian eyes wise with the ages.  Sit up straight, breathe, elongate your neck.  I closed my eyes and followed directions.  With the help of Security I got home safe and sound and canceled all the other out of area emergency responders. 

It was 21 degrees when I got home.  Too cold to sit in a car for a few hours.  Gratitude to the real time helper Ryan and to Nefertiti.  Orion continued to skate across the chilled sky and laugh.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flakes Fall Down

Lambs born in the snow are stronger, the Crone said.  
The shepherdess knows it is true.   
If they survive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tai Chi, wind and hail...

The weather gods and goddesses are playing with Bellingham skies.  Hail pelted the Barn and we ended Tai Chi 48 early.  AND it is the first time I've ever canceled Tai Chi evening class!  Sunshine smiled on sword ferns while hail and snow pelted down.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Peace & Freedom

The Peace Bear, draped in prehnite,
surrounded by desert totems
and goddesses of the world,
opens his crown to receive
and generate chi, blessings, love and peace
world wide.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sekhmet Sings

Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, the divine feminine lioness sun goddess, is known for healing.  Her fingers of fire transform and release the stagnant chi. allowing Light to glow within the body.  She is here to assist the planet in unfolding the ways of justice and truth, allowing us to see the soul's heart with greater understanding.  Listen and she will sing her name in your ear. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me again....

I obviously have not pattern of persistence in posting.  Now, on a wonderful new computer so I am just figuring out where the keys are.

Brian did a final touch up on my tattoo today so it is even more beautiful than before!

Rain and clouds and sun and WIND...clearing the air, trimming the trees and whipping past me to say hello to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Seattle and Back

Things occur that mark or mar a journey.  We drove out of the rain in morning's early light, listening to NPR and a moment by moment update of what was happening in Egypt.    I concentrate on the now dry road, the traffic, which lane to be in to exit into the city.  But there is that impact that may linger in my brain as a defining moment, like the place I was sitting at work when JFK was shot or the front steps I sat on when we reached the moon.

So the external, bigger picture of violence, only invites me to stay more focused in my space, to be calm within and tend to my own business with alert consciousness.  I drive Michael to the doctor's office.  The ex-rays are as defined here.  Severe arthritis requiring surgery.  More will be revealed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Often forgotten are the cross-quarter days.  I think of ewe's straining to birth a new lamb, who wobbles to her feet sooner than one would think.  A shift of light as eyes catch the horizon of dusk.  Yes, the Light is with us.  We rise above the pressures of the day.  We forgive ourselves all things.  Candles flicker.  Of course this ancient Celtic celebration was co-opted by the Christians.  It matters not.  It is honoring the way of the Heavens and the spinning of the Earth.

Where Am I in Cyberspace?

Much of the country struggles with snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.  Egypt is in revolution.  I ground to Mother Earth with the reminder of hematite.  Wear amethyst to honor the High Priestess.  She's not telling but allowing me to know on the dream level that I must tend my own place on earth with peace.

Tomorrow I will miss my book group that will discuss the graphic novel MAUS I:  My Father Bleeds History by Artie Spiegelman.  MAUS 1:  My Father Bleeds HistoryThe format is so compelling but somewhere in the back of my mind is the disparaging voice saying, it's just a comic book.  However, because of the format, I was pulled forward with urgency into the story within a story that contains the third story (that of Artie's mother Anya).  When I was in high school I saw films of concentration camps that still ride deep with horror.  I read Man's Search for Meaning sometime in the '60s.  Plus Anne Frank and probably others that I do not recall.  The stories that must be told keep coming forward in every conceivable format in order that we rise above the worst expressions of humanity and seek a higher ground.  If you haven't read this book, do.  MAUS II sits on top of the tower of books at my bedside.

Tonight I will snuggle into dreamtime with apatite, selenite, calcite, black jadce and a handful of other Earth helpers as I follow the She Wolf.  A new Owl calls my name.

Blessings this moment.