Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Am I in Cyberspace?

Much of the country struggles with snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.  Egypt is in revolution.  I ground to Mother Earth with the reminder of hematite.  Wear amethyst to honor the High Priestess.  She's not telling but allowing me to know on the dream level that I must tend my own place on earth with peace.

Tomorrow I will miss my book group that will discuss the graphic novel MAUS I:  My Father Bleeds History by Artie Spiegelman.  MAUS 1:  My Father Bleeds HistoryThe format is so compelling but somewhere in the back of my mind is the disparaging voice saying, it's just a comic book.  However, because of the format, I was pulled forward with urgency into the story within a story that contains the third story (that of Artie's mother Anya).  When I was in high school I saw films of concentration camps that still ride deep with horror.  I read Man's Search for Meaning sometime in the '60s.  Plus Anne Frank and probably others that I do not recall.  The stories that must be told keep coming forward in every conceivable format in order that we rise above the worst expressions of humanity and seek a higher ground.  If you haven't read this book, do.  MAUS II sits on top of the tower of books at my bedside.

Tonight I will snuggle into dreamtime with apatite, selenite, calcite, black jadce and a handful of other Earth helpers as I follow the She Wolf.  A new Owl calls my name.

Blessings this moment.

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