Wednesday, November 21, 2012

May God bless...
May Buddha bestow...
May Aakash anoint...
May Jehovah rejoice...
and may the Goddess keep all these Guys in line!
- Casey Jones DuHamelM

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Chariot


The Chariot
The Secret Tarot (mini deck)
 Lo Scarabeo

Moving right along...have you noticed the energy?  Flowing, going, dashing right along even with Mercury retrograde.  An interesting time to pull The Chariot and see what direction you're going.

I've been called to mini decks lately.  See my column in The Stone Moon's ezine newsletter at (On the top bar, click on Newsletter and scroll down to "Unveiling the Arcana" by yours truly.

Each artist's image invites us to see deeper or different opportunities for a card.  Here are some overall words to trigger walking along The Chariot's path:  Beginning, starting, causing, stimulating, controlling, breathing through, self development, releasing, trusting, insight, building up/letting go, conflict and resolution.

In most deck our charioteer does not hold the reins.  Does s/he will the forward movement or is the motion already in progress and s/he rides along trusting her Higher Power.

The Chariot, number Seven, or number Sixteen, The Tower, (1 +  6 = 7) dance in a constellation (see Mary K. Greer or Angela Arrien) that expand our perception of this card who moves with the energy of Cancer.  One commentator says that's Mars in Cancer.  There is a bit of brusque energy that rides or hides in this card.

In Rotarota Tarot Study Group, the focus is on personal intuitive connection with the cards.  Here are some highlights from a meditation on The Chariot:  yin/yang, movement, surfing, third chakra, wolf heart, come down off your soap box, ceremony, spirit guides, making peace, Celtic knot work, stepping through the threshold, balancing the woo-woo with everyday life, balancing in the now, wand of sovereignty, stars of hope and inspiration, changing, throwing away old ways of expressing myself, chariot of the mind, what is sexy in my life?, power and guidance of the sphinx, timeless, holding still until it is the right time to move, warrior goddess, forging beyond barriers, symphony of the spheres, alert, awaiting the next step, royalty, brave, two sides in harmony.

Select The Chariot from one of your decks.  Take time to really look at the images.  Let go of preconceived ideas about what it "should" indicate.  What does The Chariot say to you right now?  We have four or five magnifying glasses on the table to examine some of the intricacies of a card.  Sometimes a new image will be seen for the first time.  I peered through a magnifying glass and saw the surfer in James Wanless' Voyager Tarot for the first time.  Be surprised.  Write down what you see, what you feel.  Give The Charioteer a voice.  Let her or him speak to you.

Have fun.