Saturday, July 19, 2014




Constellation of the Magician

With so many remarkable images, it is indeed difficult to select one deck.
How do you choose?
The artwork usually grabs the eye
but the text is equally important.
So, here we are at #19
or XIX
with a series of images.
Comments are a selection from the tarot study group
Gemstone associated with The Sun:  Topaz

Making it happen, a culmination of energies,
ripening, reaching out, an awakened mind

Free and unencumbered, no longer a wallflower,
now, a sunflower.
A future never imagined.

The will of the tarot speaks the law of love

Dedicate ourselves to Love

Truth rising after a dark night

Spiritual wisdom through darkness

Robust and encouraging

Lugh, the bold Sun God
Carry the sun within

A time of growth and delight.

Circular patterns of life cycles.
Self expression.

Rejoice.  Purity.  Strength.
Let there is Light.
Alchemical key:  Source behind the Source

The Lovers escape The Devil and unite in Light

Red and orange equal power,
more power than anywhere.
Potential.  Celebration.

Freedom to express the inner Light,
To accept heavenly gifts, unadorned

Questions to ask myself:
How and where am I successful?
What lights up my world?
What or who makes me happy and optimistic?
Where do I feel joy and self love?
What could burn me out?
What metaphor does the Sun have for you now?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

There is not past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present. ” — James Joyce