Saturday, October 13, 2012

Arcana in the Outback

Nestled in Colorado's Outback are healers, spirit walkers, conjurers of good will, women who walk dry paths to bring light and joy to the high plains.

Elizabeth is a small town that changes yet stays the same, shimmering as the heart of the endless prairie.  Once it was an artists' colony with dirt roads.  On the outskirts today Walmart reminds us of change.

I walk down Main Street.  The Carlson Building, for decades the only public gathering place, is now a used clothing store.  Jeff's exquisite rug shop is only a memory.  I wonder where Lisa teaches yoga now.   A new Apothecary shop lures me and I wander along jars filled with marinating herbs and spices and smile.

Next to the Wildflower, the best saddle repair shop for decades, is the Karma Cottage.  Magic comes to Main Street.  I am delighted with all the physical tools to encourage spirit into our daily lives.  It reminds me The Stone Moon in Bellingham, Washington.

Not only do I find must-have Celtic earrings but two books by long time friends.  I buy a copy of Eva Black Tail Swan's book.

Connie Lehman and I talked of her artwork on the Major Arcana many years ago.  Like all magic, the idea comes first, then the work and finally~voila, in my hands, a beautifully produced book and deck of 22 cards, written with Irene Clurman.  The Fool rejoices.

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