Sunday, April 21, 2013


The Hermit Uncloaked
Druidcraft Tarot

Nines fall from inside pockets.
Look within me.
Birds flutter, promise my future
with pentacles in their beaks.

Catkins twirl on maple trees
as I unhood my hawk,
my right arm steady, strong
under leather gauntlet.

You may perceive me as innocent
in my Celtic embroidered bodice.
but do not be deceived.

I walk this physical realm,
know this world of yours.
I can protect myself.
When I unleash my familiar,
he does my bidding.

Be aware.
My solitude is found
in Nines.

Copyright 2013
C.J. Prince

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Nine of Cups

In the robes of the Hermit, find the Nine's.  First let us consider The Nine of Cups.
 We dance with Mutable Water in the 9 of Cups, seeing the opportunity to create our own realities.  No matter the deck, there is a basic truth to each card and then the added information of how you perceive it.
 Some decks aare simple and allow you to go deep within to find the meaning in a single card pull or in a layout.  First, it is up to you.  What do you see?  How does it make you feel?  What and how does this card apply to the situation?
 Creative imagination is an invitation from the Nine of Cups.

Work with your dreams and intuition.  When do you tune into your intuition.  Every moment, it is available but we get too busy to notice.  We forget that guidance abounds.  What animal did you see today?  Did it offer you a message?  What card will correlate?

 Visualize what you desire.  Always with desire is the hidden opportunity to ride it out, to look toward the consequences of your desires.  Often we do not do that and feel disappointment.  But with foresight, and the turn of a card, we might see the bigger picture, if only for an instant.

 What resources, knowledge and skills do you have to offer to others?  
Nine of Cups invites you to look within.

Ah, the abundance of the Nine of Cups can be overwhelming.  Here there is the possibility to fall into the abyss of gluttony, sensuality and illusion.  Be aware.

A silly happiness, balanced, centered on the outside.  A smirk on the face?  What does it mean?  What is hidden behind the curtains?  My cup runneth over but what is missing?

The Thoth Nine of Cups inscribed with the word "Happiness" may indicate bounty recycled, reconnected, according to Carol McMillan.  Honey flows in a web of joy.  You may have it all but be a bit vacuous.  Do not sample too much.

 She walks, sits in beauty, says Helen.  The golden chalice of light and delight.  The bee, guardian of all that is sweet and structured, indicates community.  The Nine of Cups indicates Eight Directions and the One Within.  As Vespa, a bride unto herself.

There are many images, many interpretations.  The one that counts is your own.  Go to your deck, study it, use a magnifying glass to catch the nuance, write about the card you pulled.  There are answers here you might not imagine.  Be open.  Be playful.  Enjoy!

What deck today?

Spring break, summer vacation, fall retreat?  Are you ready to travel?  Do you use a special deck when you travel?

I have several mini decks.  Right now I keep the Secret Tarot Deck, a small but not mini deck, in my suitcase.  Don't leave home without a deck!  Who do you want to travel with?  Some artwork will feel just right for that next road trip or flight across the ocean.

When you forget a layout or how to ask a question, check in with your resident cat who is born knowing all this.  Here you can see Hamilton contemplating and selecting a card.  Does it reflect his reality or mine?
He is my familiar and what affects him, also influences me.  He's given me some good readings.