Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Card for December?

I have indeed been lax in posting and I shall not go into the vagaries of my life.  Instead, I will consider what jumps to mind here in the twelfth month of the year right before Solstice.  The Hanged Man (or Woman as the case may be.  More on that later.)

The last month of the year is the perfect time to consider what has come before, what worked, what didn't, what was expected, what didn't manifest and how to look forward into 2014 with a sense of grace with arms wide open.

So, here are some Hanged Man cards.  Many of them I do not know the deck from which they swing.  But the feeling of letting go is always apparent.  Release.  Accept. Be calm.  Meditative.  Surrender.

The Peaceful Path Tarot

 Cat's Eye Tarot is one of my favorites.  Real cat positions, 
not felines dressed to match the traditional image.

Traditional Rider Waite Hanged Man

Unique image from unknown deck.

Animals Devine tarot deck

The Sun & Moon Tarot Deck
I love this deck!  The artwork is playful and intuitive.

Victorian Faerie Tarot Deck
I love this art work.  This is on my wish list!!!

Tarot of the 78 Doors

Blessed Solstice, Darlings!

The Light will return and the cards will turn.