Monday, May 27, 2013

Walk in Beauty

Ceiling at Chihuly Glass Museum, Seattle Center

Look up, look down, walk in a circle.  May there be only beauty.  Of course the eye will register the unkind, the rude, the unacceptable.  But what will the heart internalize?  

I do not think this when I get up at 2 AM, a goddess-less hour to rise, though quite acceptable to retire.  Yet it is required this night and Capricorn steadies to the task at hand.  As I drive down the quiet road, mist and rain keep me alert.  On the S curve I sense and then see another who is out in the early hours.  I slow and stop and focus. A large owl swivels her head briefly and returns to her catch.  I stay, transfixed, on the lonely night road, watching until she flies beneath cedars and out of sight.

While I might have been caught in the grumble of early rising, I was instead transformed by the beauty waiting in an unexpected place.  Later there were three deer and a charming young woman serving chai at Cruisin' Coffee.

I am guided by #17, The Star.  It is good to be out at night and connecting to Sirius or any star beings or nightly creatures.  I am blessed.  To you, the same.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Who's Fool?

Where is the Fool?  S/he pops up when I'm feeling foolish, of course.  Or when I observe another.  Or when I'm starting something new.  Or when I feel inadequate.  But which fool?

No matter the image, the sense of change, abandon, adventure appears on each card.

I do not know this deck with the Fool urged on by a cat but I find it enchanting.
Cats usually present me with the unexpected.  (Like the one purring in my lap right now.)

This Fool is more reminiscent of the familiar dog in Rider Waite Smith. 
Except I see this dog pulling rather than nudging.

I saw this Fool on Facebook and searched, trying to find the deck.
It seems that it is part of a deck used in a TV show and only the cards needed
have been created and is not available to the public.
Nevertheless, I like the image, the flirting toe testing the next reality.

Ah, the intellectual Fool.  

I do not have the names of the decks, unfortunately.  Sometimes people send me Fools or I find them in unexpected places.  Just remember that the Fool is always sacred.  

What new adventure are you embarking upon?  What deck are you using?  Ask for the Fool's sacred wisdom.