Monday, May 27, 2013

Walk in Beauty

Ceiling at Chihuly Glass Museum, Seattle Center

Look up, look down, walk in a circle.  May there be only beauty.  Of course the eye will register the unkind, the rude, the unacceptable.  But what will the heart internalize?  

I do not think this when I get up at 2 AM, a goddess-less hour to rise, though quite acceptable to retire.  Yet it is required this night and Capricorn steadies to the task at hand.  As I drive down the quiet road, mist and rain keep me alert.  On the S curve I sense and then see another who is out in the early hours.  I slow and stop and focus. A large owl swivels her head briefly and returns to her catch.  I stay, transfixed, on the lonely night road, watching until she flies beneath cedars and out of sight.

While I might have been caught in the grumble of early rising, I was instead transformed by the beauty waiting in an unexpected place.  Later there were three deer and a charming young woman serving chai at Cruisin' Coffee.

I am guided by #17, The Star.  It is good to be out at night and connecting to Sirius or any star beings or nightly creatures.  I am blessed.  To you, the same.

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