Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Bites

The sun sank below Orcas Island and Bellingham slid into darkness just as I slid on ice.  A very steep hill, narrow road, rock wall on one side, drop off on the other.   Of course I could pass the vehicle spun out.  Steady on.  An illusion.  The car would go no further.  The tires squealed against ice. 

Many cars drove up and ignored my emergency lights blinking and backed down.  I was in the middle of the road and cars coming in the opposite direction drove forward like I had a choice of position.

I called SV Security who called the county sheriff and 911.  I called AAA.  Two hours plus wait time for any assistance.  Security officer closed the hill by setting out orange cones and went for a battery pack.  My battery was dead...with window open.  I felt very vulnerable sitting in the dark without lights and waiting.

I know I have many Unseen Helpers and I asked who could help me.  Nefertiti came, her elegant long neck extended, her Egyptian eyes wise with the ages.  Sit up straight, breathe, elongate your neck.  I closed my eyes and followed directions.  With the help of Security I got home safe and sound and canceled all the other out of area emergency responders. 

It was 21 degrees when I got home.  Too cold to sit in a car for a few hours.  Gratitude to the real time helper Ryan and to Nefertiti.  Orion continued to skate across the chilled sky and laugh.

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