Monday, August 1, 2011

Mercury Retrograde: August 2~August 26, 2011

Welcome to our old friend Mercury, dancing backward as he appears in his triple appearance each year, a little square dance to still the humans in their mad dash to nowhere.

Oh, no, some will say.  Really? ponder others.  Many will shrug and eschew the information.

My notations:  notice all the "re" words:  re-evaluate, repair, return, reabsorb, retract, remember, realize, reap, reason, reassure, rebirth, rebound, rebuild, recall, recant, recap, recede, recast, receive, recess, recharge, reciprocate, rescind, reckon, reclaim, recognize, recollect, recommend, recompose, reconcile, recondition, record, recount, recover, recreate, reconnect, rectify, recuperate, redirect, reduce, re-emphasize, reflect, refer, refine, reflect, refresh, refrain, refuse...

And so on and so forth as you can think of words that allow you ponder.  I especially like:  rebel, reach, and return.  Be real.  Read.

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