Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nourishing Awareness in Each Moment

"Watching a bad TV program, we become the TV program.  We are what we feel and perceive.  If we are angry, we are the anger.  If we are in love, we are love.  If we look at a snow-covered mountain peak, we are the mountain.  We can be anything we want, so why do we open our windows to bad TV programs made by sensationalist producers in search of easy money, programs that make our hearts pound, our fists tighten, and leave us exhausted?  Who allows such TV progams to be made and seen by even the very young?  We do! We are too undemanding, too ready to watch whatever is on the screen, too lonely, lazy or bored to create our own lives.  We turn on the TV and leave it on, allowing someone else to guide us, shape us and destroy us.  Losing ourselves in this way is leaving our fate in the hands of others who may not be acting responsibly.  We must be aware of which programs do harm to our nervous systems, minds and hearts, and which programs benefit us."
              "Peace is Every Step:  The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life"
                        Thich Nhat Hanb

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