Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Pink Hat

I set out my hot pink hat with a red rose.  It matches my skirt and the flowing scarf around my neck.  By the time I take the dogs out and am ready to leave, the soft gray skies of midday shift into a downpour.  I go to my hat shelf and trade for the well worn black OR rain hat with velcro sides so I can flip up one side or both.  Today I will need them down to shield myself from heaven's tears.  I sling a black cloak over my summery outfit, hide books and gifts under my arm and walk out to the car.

Water spirits dance, rain faeries slither about as I walk through the gate, past flowers and a forest of Japanese maples to the Reiki healing circle.  It is good, gathering with friends, rain or shine, allowing the busyness of the day to wash away, and focus on Universal energies.

Blessings this day, especially to those who ride bicycles.

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