Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Women on Writing (WOW) critique group gathered in a wild English garden today in the Eldridge area.  Clouds gave way to sunshine and I pulled my wide brimmed hat lower and moved deeper into the shade of the umbrella table.  I am working on a short story that has been filed away since 2007.  Everything has a germination time, so now I look to tending these words again that they might sprout and blossom.

My final visit to hand therapy!  Surgery was May 6th and today my hand is well formed, getting stronger and I just need to maintain home exercises and protect as I feel needed.  I wear a black lace fingerless glove with the hard black plastic brace when I drive or garden.  And lift my two pound weight to strengthen both arms.

I am in a bead-mania again.  It occurs every dozen years or so.  This time I am working exclusively with gemstones and the intention of each bead in bracelet, earrings or necklace.  Went to the Bead shop on Bakerview and had more fun than you can imagine.

A Gem Faire this weekend at the Fairgrounds in Lynden!

And the TAROT?  This day I pick up "The Wild Wood Tarot."  The cards come tumbling forth except for one.  That which I must address:  The Nine of Vessels:  Generosity.  Meaning:  Nature's open-hearted spiritual cauldron has a welcome for thos who approach the wters of knowledge with compassion.  they are blessed by regeneration.

Be well and listen to the animals.  Raven calls to me all day no matter what building blocks me from nature.

That's all from this bundle of stardust for now.

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