Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come, My Merry Makers....

78 leaves fall from the maple.  The curious and wise gather.  Decks pop open.  Wisdom tinkles tea cups.  Once again the wisdom of the Tarot gathers us into a circle to share.

The Fool stands playful, jaunty and two white papillions nip at  heels.  Leap.  Fly.  Reach out into the void.  The Now is in the current step.  What is your journey?  I forget I am in my Lovers year.  Yes, yes, of course.  Heirophant cycle.

To figure your growth year:
  Birth month:  ____
+  Birth day:     ____
=                       Total
+                       2011
Growth Year:

The Fool (0)  is your journey, the soul essence of forward stepping, and will not show up as a growth year.
The Magician (1) holds all the tools of transformation and will not show up as a growth year.

Your Total + the current year should not exceed 21.
22 will always be reduced to = 4 (The Emperor)
28 will = 10 (Wheel of Fortune) and will not be reduced more.

Next month we will look at  growth cycles and patterns of evolution.

(Thanks to Mary Kaye Greer, Angeles Arrien and Rachael Pollack.)

Bright blessings on the shiney autumn day.


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