Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deck of the Day: Voyager

The following is from James Wanless' Voyager newsletter for October.  Easy to understand commentary on the four money cards in this deck.  Check out your favorite deck and see how it applies.  Bright Blessings this day!

Voyager Connection
October 2011

Money Magic Issue

The Four Money Cards in Voyager Tarot
What are the four "money cards" in Voyager?  These are the only cards that have actual money coins in them - Emperor, Sun, Ten of Worlds - Reward and Sage of Worlds - Master.  These four cards indicate four basic strategies for making money.
EMPEROR: Build an Organization, a Company, an Empire.
SUN: You, Yourself, are the Business – "Solopreneur."
TEN OF WORLDS - REWARD: Investments, Gambling, Speculations.
SAGE OF WORLDS - MASTER : Right Livelihood that integrates Profession and Profits with Passion, Play, Path and Purpose. 
What's your way?  Pick Cards for yourself about each of these approaches.
Reading the Tarot to purposefully empower people is "Right Livelihood" because not only do you make money, you also learn about yourself and grow yourself in the process.  It's both a spiritual path and profession -and it's fun.  Reading the cards is becoming a recognized "folk therapy," a kind of affordable counseling for millions that combines coaching, mentoring, therapy, and futurizing.
The Fortune Mind: Science of Good Luck
In an empirical study of people who are lucky, it was found that good fortune is an intended product of following four principles.  These four qualities describe the "fortune mind," the ability to see and seize opportunity everywhere and to turn and transform any situation into gold!
The Four Fortune Principles:
OPEN: Being open to everything, every moment, every person, every every in every moment.
POSITIVE: Always remaining positive regardless of what happens.
INTUITIVE: Trust and have the courage to act on the intuitive feeling and impulse.
OPPORTUNISTIC:  There is an opportunity in every situation to be seized.
When you do the Cards, keep in mind these qualities of being open to whatever card comes your way, trust your intuition, and be positive to the growth opportunity that each card (and life experience) brings you. This way, you don't have to try to get "good" cards.  Every card is good in the sense of being a useful, productive, insightful resource and energy – food for thought and growth.

Fortune Arrow Reading  
Use the three "Fortune Arrow" cards of Magician, Sun and Fortune as your path to money magic!  
As a Magician, determine your magic (your gift, talent, thing, art, shtick, genius). As the number one card in the Tarot, you must know your magic to fulfill your potentials and live your destiny and life purpose.
Pick a card that gives you insight into your magic.  If you don't know your magic, pick a card(s) to suggest how to become the Magician in you.  
As the Sun archetype, show and shine your magic to the world!  Express your magic and reveal your gifts again and again on a daily basis like the sun.  If you don't use your magic, you lose it.  What a waste of life.  Pick a card that indicates how you are or can be the dynamic, powerful, passionate, creative magician in life.  
As the Fortune-Maker, be opportunistic.  Seize the day and the moment as resource for growing and building your fortune.  Be open and receptive, allowing and accepting.  Follow the four principles of good luck.  Pick a card that reveals your present opportunity in life. 
Place your Magic, Sun, and Fortune cards together as an indication of your fortune path, the arrowhead that leads the way!


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