Friday, January 6, 2012

The Fool Leaps

She trusts, steps, flies into 2012. During a meditation on the Shadowscapes Fool at the Tea and Tarot study group, I wrote the following:

The Fool, you call me but I am foolishy. See my doves swirl. I stretch my arms and touch Universes. My white drape swells in the wind. See the Fox. He does not nip at my heels. He waits, alert. I tiptoe up to spirit. Look at the pedestal. Oh, you old crone, you'll need your magnifying glass. Yes, the pedestal where a monkey crouches and another. Butterfly reminds me that you are about to transform, untangle, release. Bees attend and you know the sweetness of honey and of survival for without bee, who can live? The small oe holds a red rose and only with care and sunshine will the rose bloom, only now as you stand on all these symbols, poised, expectant, you lengthen your arms, and now you fly. Fear not a stumble or the depths. Something new awaits. Breathe now. Exhale. Leap.

As women shared their insights of Fool from various decks, these words leapt out:
grounded, trust intuition, fearless journey, caduceus, glowing from within, jester, open, flashes of brilliance, releasing, trusting, ethereal, carefree, light hearted, knapsack, doesn't need much, adventure, no concern for the immediate, look up for answwers, full sun lights the way, left hand receives, purity, receiving spirit, no baggage from the past, transcendant, no limits, no chores, blithe, staff, loyal dog, in love with life, confident, cloak, surrounded by love, surprises everywhere, doesn't look where she's going, doesn't look back, joyful, balanced in the zodiac, carefree, entertain and soothe, don't worry be happy, unrestrained.

Look at your Fool, a card or the Inner Fool. Write your own landscape and listen to Fool's words. They are sacred.

The Fool shown is from the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

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