Saturday, January 5, 2013


Me:  I am woman--hear me roar.  

Lion:  You don't have to roar.  I'll take care of that for you.  I'm known for my powerful voice.     Remember when you were seven, you went to the San Francisco Zoo and you stared and stared at that massive lion?  You willed him to roar.  When he did, you were startled, a bit afraid and you felt the connection.  

You've known the world of felines since you were four.  That day you began your shaman's ride into the unknown invisible magic of the world.

You talk to wolf, walk with him but I too am with you.  Imagine the depth of my purr, far greater than that pipsqueak cat of yours.  I am Lion, King of your Heart Center.  Allow me to help you open, walk with  balance from your baqua.  Know your stride is guided;  dress funky and fun and when you weave the elegant tapestry of life, your hand, close to my mane, your wildness flickers along the spinal pearls.  I am that close to you at all times.

Do not be afraid.  Just go.  Go on the path where the green grass is icy, go on the sand and smell the salt, follow your choices for I am with you.  Use my voice for your enthusiasm.  Be with me.

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