Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Question for You

I am a font freak.  I like cool, funky fonts, lovely old manuscript fonts.  Garamond, for an upgrade from Times New Roman, makes me smile as does Baskerville Old Face.  (Do I imagine the hounds of the Baskervilles trouncing down a narrow forest path?)

Lucida Handwriting is a great I-wrote-it-myself font.  As if my handwriting were that tidy.  Still, I love the gracious flow of it.

My new computer's default is Calibri, a very simple, tight, persnickety little font that I tended to delete every time it poked its unembellished little head up.  However, I've come to rather like how many words I can cram in a line and for poetry it works some kind of simple magic, allowing the word to create image, not the style of font.

So, here's the question, in case you thought I'd gone off on a tangent...and I could...

Do you have a preferred font for a blog?
What is it?

I'd like this blog to be most user friendly and with your feedback I can improve it.

Thank you!!!

And now, for the photo of the day, taken on Lake Whatcom.

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