Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When the Goddesses Gather

When each blade of green grass is icy white and the sun hangs on a bleak thread in the sky, on this day, the second day of newness as the century becomes a teenager, we gather around the dining table near the wood burning stove to share tarot decks.  Wisdom unfolds.

Each person brings a wealth of knowledge, perception, insight and joy to share.  "What deck is that?" we ask and lean forward as the card is passed around.

Today we tackled the sublime issue presented by #8 and #11.  Which do you choose for the position of 8?  Justice or Strength.  We considered the history offered by Mary K. Greer in "Who Are You in the Tarot?"  Each woman considered their cards, and their own journey.  Most of us selected Strength for Number Eight.  I have straddled this dilemma for many years and finally settled on Eight as Strength so no matter what the deck says, I shift Justice if it is Eight to the 11 position.

Many decks as we ponder Strength

The position of Strength on the Fool's journey between the Chariot and the Hermit seems most appropriate. Do you have a preference and why?

Bright blessings as the cards guide us into a new year!!!

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