Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life is Dictated by an Abyssinian Red Banana

See it?  In the corner...towering toward the ceiling, dominating the kitchen, insisting on furniture arrangements.  This beauty jumped into my car last summer, a youngster, tall enough to fill the passenger seat and settle into the seat belt.  She spread her wings on the deck during summer, her leaves reddish purple.  To survive she could not winter over and I'd miss her if she jumped a plane for Palm Springs. 

Michael hauled her through the doorway without leaf damage and she decided on the corner between two windows with a soft glow of warmth from the woodburning stove.  Ever since, she rules.  The dining table moved.  The chairs shift in random arrangement according to the room population.  We are blessed by a banana in the non-tropical Northwest.  Her green cousins actually deal with winter but she is an exotic beauty and I delight in her magnificence.

This has been  a unique week.  I joined friends to listen to famed ragtime pianist Bob Milne at the Museum of Radio and Electricity.  I couldn't stop smiling.

A rousing discussion of "tinkers" with book group Worthwords!

Now that I'm driving again, I was back at the Alzheimer's facility to teach Seated Tai Chi.  Am still teaching Tuesday and Thursday Tai Chi 24, 37 and 48 while John and Liz sail the high seas teaching Qi Kong + my regular Tuesday night Beginning Tai Chi class.

Friday a splendid acupuncture session with Ed Layton of HamsterPuncture, a community based, sliding scale acupuncture clinic with a true healer.  My meridians are zinging.

Michael and I impulsively decided  to see a movie yesterday.  "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.  The latter should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.  If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie.  If you're a baseball freak, you won't want  to miss it.  I'm not but still enjoyed it but it would not be a flick I'd see for the second time.

I'm sitting in front of glowing coals with the aroma of pumpkin bread, the dogs curled in sleeping circles.  As Grandmother Moon claims her fullness, have a beautiful week.

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