Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Call of the Whale

Whale calls...the voice familiar like the one I used to hear when I walked the dusty plains among yucca and rabbitbrush.  Whale calls...closer than a text message.  I find my silver whale ring I bought long ago on Orcas Island.  I hear the whale wail.  We meditate on Monday (Moonday).  Shimmering shafts of Light from Above flow down into whale cells.

Today, this message comes electronically:

Global White Whale Unity Consciousness Planetary Healing for 11/11/11

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in joining us, all are welcome!

A Powerful Group Meditation to bring in the White Whale Consciousness to heal the world.

We are inviting everyone interested in planetary healing and creating a new paradigm of unity consciousness, to join us around the world with meditation and water blessing, calling in the powerful White Whale energies. This energy is a collective of the highest and purest of the whale and dolphin consciousness and seems to be the 'mother ship' of all cetaceans. She asks us to release fear and embrace love and to expand our consciousness in helping the whales create a protective, healing matrix around our beautiful planet. We would ask you wherever you are in the world at 11AM on that special day, to hold a glass or bottle of water and call in the great white whales to imbue their energy into the water and then bless any local natural water source in ceremony by pouring that energized water into it, whether it be an ocean or a little stream! You might also want to repeat the mantra, "With the guidance of the great white whale, I release all fear, worry and doubt from my being now.... With the guidance of the great white whale I embrace only love, courage and belief into my being now!"

  Live Conference Call Guided Meditations

We will start this 24 hour event when the clock strikes 11AM for the first time on 11-11-11, which is in New Zealand. For some of you, that will actually be on 11-10-11 (5pm in New York, 2pm in Los Angeles, 10pm in London). At that hour, you can join us for a live meditation guided by Madeleine Walker on a conference call to get the energy rolling, and then do the meditation, on the hour, as often as you can throughout the day, but especially at 11AM in your location.  This will create a wave of white whale energy rolling across the planet for 24 hours. An MP3 weblink of this meditation will be accessible at our Facebook event and Community page for the Global White Whale Consciousness Planetary Healing  if you would like to use it. At 11AM on 11-11-11 in the last time zone, which is Hawaii, (1PM in Los Angeles, and 4PM in New York and 9:00 pm in London)  we will meet again on the conference call for another live guided meditation led by Anne Gordon  (number below).

To find out the time difference where you are for the first opening meditation, Click here.  To find the time in your location for the closing meditation Click here. 

This is just the start of a movement to bring this white whale energy into our bodies and to spread it across the planet. Please make this a daily practice in the days and months to come. The whales are telling us that this will create BIG changes for all beings. We hope that you will feel drawn to joining us at this momentous time for the 11-11-11 Kick Off of the Global White Whale Unity Consciousness wave.

Painted by our dear friend and whale sister Nori Neuman
 Join us for the Live Conference call Meditation for this event.

The conference calls will be at 2pm PST, and 5pm EST, and 10:00 pm in London on 11-10-11 and also at 1pm PST, and 4pm EST, and 9:00 pm in London on 11-11-11.  At those times, please call USA phone numbers 916-209-4534 or (619) 276-6333 and enter pin 444999#.

For more information for the inspiration of this event, please  click here go to our event page on Facebook or click here to go to our Community Facebook page.

Please spread this message far and wide so that we can all hold hands across the globe while imbuing the planet with this loving energy.

Thank you.

Madeleine Walker,
Mary Getten,
Linda Shay,
Anne Gordon, or

A message channeled directly from Whale Consciousness about the
11/11/11 Global White Whale Meditation

It is a collective of the highest and purest of the whale and dolphin consciousness. You might say it comes from the masters of cetacean masters. It is a very high loving vibration and tapping into this is very helpful for all beings.

You connect to the white whale consciousness just like you do to anything else.  Sit quietly, open your heart, call out mentally, use your intention to connect with it, and wait.  Nothing new and different to make the connection, but the important part is to hold that energy.  Let it wash into your body and soul, bathe your self in it and allow it to flow into each and every cell. This high energy has the capacity to heal you on many levels, so allow it to do just that.

You can work with the white whale energy daily if you like for your own good or the planet. Once you take in as much of the light and vibration as you can, then turn your attention to others, or situations that need healing and allow this energy to flow from you to them/it. In this way you can spread the energy  throughout the planet.  If enough of you are doing that, you will see big changes.

This event on 11/11/11 is an excellent thing to do.  Getting the vibration into the water will help it spread across the planet and heal many beings, including the oceans. We whales are doing this all the time, but there are not enough of us, and there is so much damage in this environment that we cannot keep up.  To have a large group focused on this matter will help enormously.  And do not do it for just one day.  This is something that needs to be done daily for months. Please tell people that this is just the starting day, NOT the only day. This needs to become a practice that is done for the good of the planet on a daily basis.  And while people are focusing on doing this for the planet, they will also be getting healed themselves, as you cannot spend time in this energy without being affected.

This is a very good thing and we look forward to feeling these waves of love and light coming through humanity into the oceans. We will add our energy too and together we will see what changes can be made. It truly is time for humans and cetaceans to unite and come together for the good of this earth.

We look forward to having you join us either on the conference call or in meditation on your own.  We thank you for your time and energy and we would love to hear from you about your experiences with the White Whale energies during this meditation event on 11/11/11 or at any time before or after.    Please feel free to email any of us or post on our Facebook Global White Whale Community Page.
Madeleine Walker, 
Mary Getten,
Linda Shay,
Anne Gordon, or

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