Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ROTAROTA: Tea and Tarot

Brigit rules!  Wiggling her fingers into the earth, daffodils escape.  You may call her a saint but we remember her as an ancient goddess divine, inviting us to breathe an hour and a half more of sunlight this day, an hour and a half of Light not visible on Winter Solstice.  And so we gather, in her name, under Imbloc, to work the deck.
Well-come to those who gather here.

A wonderful circle of women, wonder-filled, curious, delight-full and serious about engaging the 78 archetypes that wait to speak until bidden.  New decks, new questions, new discoveries.

Rotarota...from TAROT AROTAROTAROT...write the word "tarot" in a rotates into itself, where does it begin and end and so it is endless with no beginning except the Fool and no end except the endless cycles beginning over and over.  Thus, Rotarota with the subtext:  Tea & Tarot because the kettle is hot, the pots are filled with a variety of teas and bone china cups await.

The Magician brings smiles.
Today, our meditation and writing was on The Magician and the overlay of the Magician on the Aces.

I promised to answer some questions here.  First it is Mike Dooley at for short, often humorous daily or weekly reminders of walking with spirit.

Ask the other questions and I'll respond.  Until then, when in doubt, ask for Brigit's help.  She's always there, not just a pendant around my neck.

Bright blessings to warm your heart.

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