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The following from my Colorado friend Aine!

A Story of Brigid
On Her Feast Day
February 1, 2012
In my inner planes 'life' Brigid is one of my great guardians. For those of you who
have read my book The Flaming Serpent, you will know that Lugh, Áine, Brigid and Nuada
are my 'close inner planes kin'. There is ALOT of information available about 
Brigid if you 'google' her, but this information I am sharing is what I know
and perceive through my 'wanderings' with her on the inner, and from some of
the older stories. 
Although she would not say so herself (a true Being never claims their own mastery)
she is one of the Brightest Beings in the Inner Lands. She is known as the Flame of the Two
Eternities, the Triple Spiral of Delight. In my perception of her she is the
"Christed Child" of the Tuatha Dé Danann. I LOVE that this lineage is so feminine!
She is the daughter of Danú of the Great Everlasting (our Great Mother) and
Daghda the Sheppard of the Star Flocks (our Great Father). She is the
Morning Star, the Light that never fades (though we can't always see it),
the Light that marks the cycles of Celestial Time. 
 The 'story' goes something like this ~ a long, long time ago, I mean a VERY long time
ago, our beautiful Earth got into a little bit of trouble. This is because of course,
as we all know, she is one of the MOST beautiful of ALL star seeded planets and was
thus very attractive to all. Some of those Cosmic Rascals invaded
her Sacred Ground and caused quite ALOT of chaos ~
more choas than we can even imagine. And we are STILL
sorting this out. Our beautiful Earth Mother went into shock and 
"turned off" for a while, as we tend to when we experience a very big shock.
But after she un-numbed herself she remembered VERY clearly
her previous state of incredible bliss and lightness and she DREAMED
of returning to that state. That fragrant dream was so beautiful that it rose
all the way to the Land of the Living Heart where the Tuatha Dé Star Flock
roam. Brigid saw the dream rising and FELT it (as all celestial beings do
"feel" our dreams and longings). The dream started a song in her heart.
Brigid is a beautiful singer and when she started to sing the dream of
the Earth some of her close kin gathered around to listen with their
fine tuned celestial ears. And so they learned through her song
about the longing of Earth to return to her former beauty and bliss.
Then Brigid (whose REAL name is Bríd ~ which is pronounced Breed)
surprised and startled them all by announcing that she intended to
pay a visit to Earth and to assist in whatever way she could. Even the Daghda
(pronounced Dada of course!) was alarmed at this prospect and tried to
dissuade his heart-strong daughter ~ but we know how that goes!
Instead, her intention was so strong that it spread out through the Land
of the Living Heart  like liquid star light (as real heart messages tend to!)
and Aonghus Óg (the youngest of the Gods) was inspired to go with her.
Not only that but he resolved to bring the Sword of Truth with him, the fiery sword
of celestial truth that was capable of penetrating even the darkest dark and
the most chaotic chaos. When others of the Star Flock heard his resolve
and realized that their own beautiful Bríd (now you know how to say her
real name) and their youngest, most innocent God were resolved to go on this
rather brave adventure they decided they had better go with them. So
Midhir of the Golden Hair (that's a way of saying that his celestial light
is so bright that it streams from his radiant head in great waves),
and Nuada, the Wielder of the White Light, and Oghma (pronounced
Omma) who is the Splendor of the Sun, and Goibniú the mighty smith
and finally the Daghda himself all decided to go on this star mission to Earth.
Mananann over saw the journey. To this day Mananann is still the Great 
Watcher of his Star Flock on Earth.
Now I need to say that when Bríd began this song she was standing
beside the Tree of Celestial Light. This is the Tree of the Great Shimmering,
a truly magical, heavenly Tree. And I need to explain, just in case you are not
clear about this, that many people who have visions of Bríd see her as 
a Shimmering Tree. This is because the Tree is at the Center of Heaven
and it is from here that Bríd, her Great Mother Danú, and many of her
celestial sisters, communicate with Earth. 
Altogether then, they descended, like a rain of stars, but when they
approached Earth and felt her writhing pain and struggle they 
hesitated to enter. Midhir of the Golden Hair proclaimed that
he would go forth alone with the Spear of Victory. They watched him
enter the chaos and as he did a stream of celestial light opened
through the darkness. When Bríd saw this she entered after him
and spread her Celestial Mantle over the space that he had opened.
This most magical of mantles spread through the chaos like a beautiful
rippling silver flame, traveling outward in circle upon circle and the
silver flame began to form a shimmering myst. Aonghus Óg 
was so excited about the beauty of this that he jumped in and began to
to dance and sing. His movement stopped the spreading of the Mantle.
Now when Aongus danced and sang white birds
of heaven always appeared and these beautiful white birds 
flew over the silver myst. The others then entered. Daghda
the Sheppard of the Star Flocks, who is also the Keeper of the Cauldron,
(not just any cauldron, but specifically the Cauldron of the
Celtic Cosmos), reached into that Cauldron of Ever Supply
(he had brought the Cauldron with him)
and  seeded the land with his Emerald Flame. Together they all pulled back
the mantle and beheld the most beautiful green rolling landscape covered with
the flowers of heaven. While they were rejoicing Mananann the
Great noticed that the beings of chaos and misery were still
seething and moaning around the edges of the mantle and so he
took hold of the Sword of Truth and  swirled it in a circle to make a boundary between
beauty and chaos, but the monsters of the deep rose up in deviance
against him in a great wave, so he swirled the sword again. A lesser wave
rose up and there was some peace. Beautiful colors were born within the
swirling waters. Just to be sure the boundary was in tact he swirled the sword a third time.
A third wave formed and now there was a calm and beautiful crystalline sea
surrounding the emerald land. These three waves became known as
the Three Waves of Mananann Mac Lir,
and they formed a Cosmic boundary of order between that land and the outer chaos.
Then Bríd placed the Stone of Destiny, the Celestial Stone of 
White Crystal, on the land. With that the land began to sing a crystalline
song and that song gave birth to sparkling streams and lakes and rivers,
and to the morning dew, and the shimmering myst of silver moon light
and the Star Flock rejoiced at the restored beauty of this land. It was so beautiful
that they decided to stay, and to restore all of Earth to the beauty that now
lived in this beautiful Emerald Land.
However, Bríd had many other Children
to watch over and she prepared to return to heaven. The Daghda said,
"I will stay here until all of Earth is as beautiful as this land
that we have restored," and so it was decided that the Great Father of the Star Flock
would stay on Earth. The others agreed to stay with him in the
Folds of the Shimmering Myst and to help him to assist all of Earth to return to
the great dream that she held within her heavenly heart. Bríd said
"Keep the four celestial jewels with you. The Spear of Victory,
The Great Sword of Truth, the Cauldron of the Daghda
and the Stone of Destiny. These jewels will stay within the Folds of 
the Silver Myst, available to all who seek them through the sight of the Heart."
As Bríd the Great Mother, Lady of the Celestial Cloak turned to leave she said, "I name this island of delight 'the White Island'. In later times it will be known as the 
Land of Eriú, and in even later times still, through the shifting of the great ages
this island will be known as Ireland." Upon hearing that, Nuada the Wielder of 
the White Light pierced his sword into the very centre of the island, on the
Hill of the Mother and a great flame arose, that to this day is the source of
all inspiration and hope in the Hearts of the Star Seeded Children of
Danú, Mother of the Great Everlasting.
Hoping that all the Star Children of Danú and her celestial daughter
Bríd continue to have a magical feast day.
Lá Féile Bríd.
Deepest Blessings
Permission to share in full, with no changes anywhere. 
References "Irish Myths and Legends" Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats.
"Celtic Wonder Tales" by Ella Young.

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