Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick and William of Orange

I put the four leaf clover necklace around my neck.  A bit of nature captured in plastic that I've had since 6th grade.  I wear it every St. Patrick's Day over something orange.  Gramps told me to go ahead and wear the green but to be certain to wear orange also.  He mentioned William of  Orange but I don't remember a story.  Just that the color orange would associate me with Scotland not Ireland.  I've worn orange on St. Patty's day ever since.

That makes me start thinking of this pattern I've followed for many decades.  I wear orange mostly in honor of my grandfather and not as any kind of political statement.  However, as I ponder this, it makes me realize that conflicting points of view (in this case Roman Catholicism vs. protestantism.  I have drifted far from any of those major religions I studied in my youth.

I see the insidious insidious patterns of war emerging.  And I am sad.  No matter what our "colours", we are all one.  Literally.  On last night's news, a scientist said we all carried Chernobyl in our bodies.  Of course.  It is the butterfly fling in Italy that makes the rain in Seattle. 

No matter what you celebrate, I think of you and know we have more in common than ever we know.  So, let's celebrate!

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