Friday, March 11, 2011

Hide the Tap Shoes

Michael and I drove to Seattle on Monday for his pre-op appointments.  We stayed at the Sorrento Hotel, Seattle's oldest.  It is reminiscent of the Brown Palace in Denver, a lovely old hotel, updated and well kept with the charm of history.  We ate dinner at Blueacre Seafood~fabulous food in a sleek modern setting with the blue of butterfly wings as the theme.  The only way to spend a pre-surgery day, Michael said.

We arrived at Swedish Orthopedic Institute at 5:15 AM on Tuesday.  He went into surgery at 5:40.  The surgery for resurfacing his left hip was straight forward and he came out of recovery before 10:00 AM.  By late afternoon, he put full weight on his left leg and and took eight steps.

Physical therapy and occupation therapy on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  We left the hospital before 1:00 PM and drove home.  Michael navigates well on crutches and uses a walker for some things.  The new focus for surgery is to use multi-modal medications prior and post surgery, plus doing a spinal instead of general anesthetic.  He has not had any pain with this approach.

We both send gratitude to all who sent prayers, healing thoughts and light in his direction.  He will be home for two weeks and then go back to Seattle to see the doc.  He intends to go back to work that week.

Blessings to you all.

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