Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lost in the rain/snow sunbreak ...

and found.  Moments of self shining like the sun and hours of remembering "silence is golden."  Once, long ago, I thought I would be a nurse.  One year working in the emergency room, I fell into literature with great passion. 

Being of service lingers as an after thought.  That's when I began to practice reflexology.  Now, as caretaker, I find that silence is the best medicine.  For surely the role of the patient is one of feeling powerless and at the mercy of the moment, the surgery or the illness.  A grasping any possibility of gaining control.  it is natural.

It is not natural for me to be silence.  So, I drop back into my zen and remember that I am so much more than my opinions.

I hold Ganesh, talk to Mary Magdalene, chant the 108 syllable Buddhist words...all take me into that ego-less place of peace.
That's where I find myself...talking to the Spirit of Cedar, drooping arms down to embrace me, deva of sword fern,  Green Man and Green Woman singing Brigit into my DNA.  And the day unfolds...

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