Monday, December 5, 2011

Tarot of the Masters

From James Ricklef:

Ten of Cups — Spiritual Message of the Day

December 5, 2011
Ten of Cups -- Tarot of the MastersJust as this card can represent an idealized version of a family, it also may indicate “Home” in a spiritual sense. To explore this metaphor, let’s first consider the quote, “Home is where the heart is.” This means that our true home is with the person (or people) we love most. It can also mean that finding what we love (which, besides a person, may refer to something like a career or hobby) gives us that comfortable feeling of returning home. Thus, “home” is a feeling we yearn for more than a place we long to be.
This metaphor goes even deeper, however, since many religious traditions compare death to “going home.” For example, consider the following quotes.
“Life is a dream walking; death is going home.” — Chinese proverb
“I am not going to die; I’m going home like a shooting star.” — Sojourner Truth
“Death is nothing else but going home to God.” — Mother Teresa
Of course, we don’t have to die to return home if we realize that we can do so through traveling along our spiritual path. And perhaps this shows us how we can stay true to that path. If it feels like going home, then we are probably following the guidance of our spiritual compass. So again, “Home is where the heart is,” but in this case, this aphorism means that our soul realizes that divine union is like going home. And perhaps when we feel ill at ease with our lives—such as when we feel stressed, bored, or angry and we don’t know why—we are homesick, yearning to return to that primal, archetypal home: divine reunion.

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