Saturday, November 8, 2014

Judgement / Aeon / Awakening

Constellation of the High Priestess

Judgement   #20

Justice   #11

High Priestess   #2

Stone:  Amethyst

Astrological Influence:  Pluto

look ahead and back, make conscious judgements/decisions
for self and others
winter solstice, hibernation

self honesty, care-full evaluation
ddedulctive reasoning, cause and effect
no judgement, great wheel of nature's turning
substance of discernment

seek harmony, stability by observing rules
involved in issues of your generation
care of your mind and soul
call to awaken, lay down the cutting edge

 healers, therapists, gurus, religious leaders
intuitive insight
assist others in their transformation
a new vibration to rejoice
self love, self forgiveness

Bringing people together
psychic, cosmic understanding
renewal, voice of the deep earth
presence of all elements
renew soul's purpose

spiritual truth, karma, self evalutaion
safety and solitude
a new purpose, let go of the old
live fully in maturity
letting go of ancestral judgements
deconstruction of illusion

Various tarot decks use different titles for #20 but there is an overlay of consciousness that unites them.  Look at your card,  Hold it and feel your body.  What is it telling you?  These suggestions,
gathered from Rotarota, are only that, a momentary glimpse at the essence of the card.  How do YOU read it today?

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