Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Moon Calls Us into the Night

#18 The Moon

Constellation of the Hermit

At midnight, I walk among cedars
and gaze toward the heavens.
A nightly dose of moonlight
gives the day perspective.

Reflected Light

Illusions dissolve

Science vs. Theology

Rays of truth

Symbol of change
Predictable in her phases

Cloak of protection.
Emotions hidden

Illusion vs Reality

Go with the Flow.
Trust your own vision.

Ebb & Flow

Grandmother Moon

Light prevailing in Darkness.

Cycles & Rhythms.

The Moon belongs to everyone.

The Crayfish removes us of earthly dross.
Prepare for spiritual enlightenment.

Diana or Isis

Restless and open.

My face ever changes.

Be content in Darkness.

Fear not right timing.

Relax as she waxes.

Walk in beauty.

Draw her into your heart.

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