Sunday, April 20, 2014

All Fall Down

The Tower

Lightning strikes. Smash, Crash, Crumble.
Fall down.  9/11

Tsunami, Katrina, Oso Earthquakes. Fire.
Ego.  Rigidity can no longer sustain form.

Explosion, World Trade Center, chaos
upheaval, ripped asunder,

dark and stormy, crumbling
tumble with the energy, regain balance

cracks in the foundation,
tidal waves of overwhelming power,

my solid home is not safe,
perceptions change,

calamity will bring us back 
to our higher power,

open your eyes as the world changes,
be alert, old structures have failed,

sparks of the source strike from above,
shatter, new doors open,

swaying structure electrifies the mind,
energizes new possibilities,

turn away, what was

Now, #16, The Tower speaks:
I am a fine structure, sturdy, everlasting.  O, the many who labored on cold, colorless days, setting each brink, forming each arch, window, hallway, driven onward by an architect's whip, a maniac's dream, set up here above the hoards.  Forever I shall be.  I will outlast the pyramids and the stars. 

i am...wait...a storm rumbles...rain and wind lash....wait...debris crashes through my orifices...WAIT...stop this storm.  No no not my edifice is blasted like lightning to your cheek.  Oh.  i  i cannot... maintain . . . form.

The stone for The Tower is Red Agate.
Astrological assoication:  Mars
Soul Archetype:  Hero, Warrior, Quest, Power-Over

Words that may apply:  break through, illuminating energy unleashed, insights that strike the crown and shatter rigidity,

willing to be an individual, take upsets in strikde, adrenalin, emotions, ups and downs,
cut through all opposition, not afraid to show anger, pride, arrogance, intensity and passion, exhaustion
and depression, alienation.

In dealing with #16 The Tower, take time to conside # 7 The Chariot, both of the same constellation.

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