Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Hermit & Mercury Retrograde

Was there ever a more perfect match?  Mercury Retrograde inviting us to the inner life for a cup of tea.  Hang out, take a look around.  What did you miss in the past three months as your life sped by like a bullet train?

The Hermit pulls up her hood, slinks in out of the wet and contemplates daffodils just spiking.  A deep sigh and a reminder that she is connected to every shift in the garden, to every bird that glides above, to every worm just beginning a slow stretch toward spring.

Meanwhile, Demeter gathers up primroses to celebrate Persephone's return, a grand bouquet to suffice until Persephone's footsteps alone will bring the world alive.

The gathering place in the Druid Grove hosts a grand trio, The Hermit, Persephone, Demeter with Mercury guiding from above.  An auspicious time to slow down and allow the shift that Mother Nature is cooking up to serve as Spring Fare.

The tendency is to be annoyed by Mercury's reluctance to continue the repetitious 100 yard dash.  Instead, hold The Hermit's hand, have a cup of tea.  Contemplate.  There is more to come but for this day, there is only now, a fire still burning bright in the wood burning stove, a hot cup of tea, and a deck of cards.  Therein lies my conundrum.  Which deck.  I pull out my favorites:  The Druid Craft Tarot, Dreaming Way Tarot, Art Nouveau Tarot, the Gaian Tarot and a gulp of Mary K. Greer for more perspective.  Breathe.  Read.  Let it be.

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