Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lovers Knock on your Door

When The Lovers Knock on Your Door

A wind blows clouds asunder.  Blue sky opens to higher power, the realm of unseen helpers.

But what's in your face?  What choices dominate your monkey mind?

This month women of Tea & Tarot slept with The Lovers and invited them in for tea.  My Lovers card flipped behind the bed, out of reach and I had to ask my lover to retrieve it for me.  Asking for help is not what I usually associate with this card.  But I will now.  An aspect of this engaging image, asking and receiving, knowing what the choice is and accepting the outcome.  We gather to find our own understanding of the cards, to enhance our perceptions, to "own" the deck.

First I see the importance of integrating the masculine and feminine within.  Once we blend  these two aspects, we can be more successful in our relationships, in making wiser choices, in stepping out of our comfort zone to experience new horizons.

Today we celebrated one year of tarot study, gathering once a month and examining the Major Arcana in sequence and as it relates to the pip cards and the tarot constellations as developed by Angeles Arrien and Mary K. Greer.

The Thoth deck Lovers

Each deck offers symbols that pull us into greater understanding of ourselves.  Do you have a favorite deck?  What do The Lovers ask of you?

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