Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When do The Lovers call you?

The Lovers from DruidCraft Tarot & Gaian Tarot decks

As I change the sheets, I gather up the stones under my pillow:  rose quartz, Tibetan tektite, amethyst, golden quartz, garnet, magnesite, aventurine, selenite, calcite.  And the DruidCraft Lovers card.

The tarot study group will examine The Lovers next month so everyone is invited to sleep with the card, observe dreams, and feelings upon awaking.  I've slept really well so far!  Except for the madness of the skies and the Perseid meteor showers flashing overhead.

Today The Lovers asked me what I was separated from.  (I'd stopped changing the sheets and went to the Gaian deck for another image.)  What is not integrated in my life that needs to be.  What do I want and how do I  choose to obtain it with harmony?  Is my masculine and feminine out of balance?  What are my choices today?  Keep it simple.

Even the astrological blurb in the Bellingham Herald this morning advised not taking on too much.  Making the bed may the height of today's accomplishments at this rate.

Do you look at one card at a time?  Really look at it?  Find out how it relates to your life now?  The invitation is always open.

Bright blessings as the Universe unfolds.

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